Rental decorating can definitely be intimidating. You want a place to feel like you, to feel like your home. On the other hand, if you are anything like me you know you won’t be in that particular place for more than a year.

I am probably a long way from feeling comfortable with owning my own place. That said, a girl can dream and I like to think about it a lot. Pulling inspiration for things I will do is definitely one of my favorite pass-times. Most importantly, I am rental decorating so I need things to be removable/reversible/completely erasable. Hanging artwork seems like the easiest route to go, but the more I look at inspiration, the more I think shelves would give me the most bang for my buck. When you find the right shelf you can create such an impactful gallery in/on it and the number of holes going in your wall is significantly less than if you were to hang a gallery wall.

Love, love LOVE this door…and pretty much any brightly colored door out there. THIS cheeky package is glorious, I would definitely want a little of that sass in my imaginary home.

Lacy Young

Alex // g. august

Kelsey Urban

Anything with Studs //  Jan + Earl of Poppycock // Kelsey Urban