Today is the day! Today I leave for my first trip to Europe. My first European Adventure. Holy moly am I excited.

I have dreamed of going to so many European countries  since I was a kid. My mom traveled a decent amount when I was young and would always come back with these amazing stories and pictures of her adventures in Prague and Moscow. Or she would show me pictures from her trip through Italy and France when she was in college. I was always mesmerized by the intricate details of the buildings, how many people were in the background walking and biking, and her stories of waking up an getting fresh-baked croissants from the shop under her flat – I LOVE croissants, so this was a major selling point.

While I won’t be visiting any of these places, I’m excited to finally have my first (hopefully of many) European adventure. My travel partner happens to be my best friend. We’ve known each other since we were little baby 13 year olds going to our favorite summer camp. In 13 years we’ve done a lot of adventuring within the U.S. and I can’t think of a better travel buddy.

While I studied abroad is Australia, she studied in France, England and Switzerland. Which is fantastic for me, because I’m traveling with someone who has done it before ? We are the perfect balance as travel partners. We have learned this over the years after lots of summer visits to California and a road trip up the coast to Yosemite. She is the planner – the person who finds the things that we have to see or we will really regret it. I am the person who goes to a place, drops my things off, sits at a coffee shop or bar and talks to people. *Spoiler* That’s great when you are somewhere for an extended period of time, but on short trips sometimes you miss out on a lot of really cool stuff.

We will be starting in Germany, working down and over through Austria and Lichtenstein, and ending in Switzerland. I can’t wait to share all our adventures with you! In the mean-time you can follow along on instagram, I’ll be posting updates there!