Shop Local: A Philadelphia Gift Guide for all the People in Your Life

Small Business Saturday is approaching, and with it the gifting season is apon us. To help make picking your holiday gifts a little easier, Ali King (owner of the Philly-based small biz Groundswell Greetings) is here to give you ideas for everyone in your life. Everything on this list can be found right in Philly, meaning it’s easy-peezy to get your hands on each item. Happy shopping my friends!

Hello My Name Is… Corey Danks | 21 Questions with Designer & Illustrator Corey Danks

I met Corey through mutual friends from college a few years after graduating.  Since then, he has managed to make the switch from agency life to full-time freelancing look easy (though brutally honest and hilarious if you follow his twitter.) He is an excellent example of someone who doesn’t take life too seriously but still gets shit done.

Color Palette No. 28 | Feminine & Powerful AF

Did anyone else have a major chip on their shoulder growing up when people would assume they could guess their favorite color based on gender? This always annoyed the crap out of me. 

Color Palette No. 27 | Soothing Tones X Goodbye Summer

How I Became a Full-Time Traveller Color Palette No. 27 Soothing Tones X Goodbye Summer I am begrudgingly accepting that summer is nearing its end. I feel like this paletter embodies that feeling that comes with summer's end. You are starting to come out of the haze...

The Lokal Hotel A-Frame: A Cabin the Woods

Lokal Hotels have this A-Frame set up just right. Did you ever wonder what would happen if Airbnb joined forces with old school hotels? I’m pretty sure that’s how the Lokal Hotels concepts are born.

Hello My Name Is… Jon Shockness | 21 Questions With the Musician Behind Kid Astronaut

I met Jon 4 or 5 years ago when he was touring with his [then] band Air Dubai. He’s a fellow Denverite, though I didn’t meet him until he came through Philly with one of my good high school friends. In the time I’ve known Jon, I’ve watched as he has gone on to create so much more in both collaborative and solo formats. His vocals are incredible, but Jon’s mindset is what inspires me most. As an inspirational figure in the Denver community, he takes his role seriously. He recognizes that his successes have given his voice even more power – and he uses it.

Color Palette No. 26 | Earthy Tones X Chihuahua

Nothing to see here…no I’m good. Yes my sanity is very much in tact and it is totally normal to have a color palette inspired by a teeny tiny little pupper. Real talk – I have been super into earthy tones lately. I think, in part, my brain is rebelling against all the vibrant tones I fall back on regularly. It’s trying to tell me to switch things up and challenge my creativity a bit more.

A Weekend in NOLA

Hi there! It’s me – the lady who talks a lot about all the things she wants to do and then gets overwhelmed and drops off the creative planet for a month. I had a chance to spend a long weekend in NOLA with my mom for her birthday and it was so refreshing. We went in with few plans and one goal – to spend time together.

Color Palette No. 25 | Lunar Eclipse

Were you one of the lucky people with a view of last week’s lunar eclipse? I drove out to Casper, WY with my boyfriend, baby sister, and brothers to see the solar eclipse that passed over the U.S. last summer and was super bummed to learn we wouldn’t get a good view of the Lunar one that just happened. Some of the images that flooded my feed were so incredible, I figured why not put together a color palette. It’s been a while since my last color palette post but I’ll be pulling more of these palettes together with inspiration from instagram (bc, duh.)

10 Ways to Nurture Your Creativity in Troubled Times

Creativity is a powerful ability. It’s a skill that is honed by years of practice and nurture. My belief is that creativity is like any other skill – you have to nurtutre creativity. If you neglect it and assume it’ll be there when you need it, it’ll abandon you. Maintaining your creativity is a holistic process. The world around you urges you to think one way, part of creativity is being able to ignore those parameters and see the alternatives.

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