Self-care is key – if you feel terrible, are you going to be able to enjoy the spoils of your hard work? Nope!

What I’ve Learned From the Skincare Trend

Luxury skincare has been all over the place for the last few years. Everything from the relatively attainable Glossier, to the more luxe Sunday Riley have dominated my newsfeeds in both ad and influencer spotlight form for quite a while now.

Treating Acne | The Magic of Tea Tree Oil

I've mentioned my love of tea tree oil in the past when sharing my skin care routine. Well, here I am to sing its' praises again. Since mid-January I have been having some serious stress-acne. As someone who has regular (but manageable) breakouts it's been pretty...

Battle of the Natural Deodorants

This post was originally published on July 8, 2015 and has been updated to reflect new opinions. When I originally started testing out natural deodorants. I started out by using products that were most similar to the standard anti-perspirant. First, I want a product...

5 Must-Haves for Clear Skin

In the last few years I have really started to hone in on my skin-care regimen, especially when it comes to maintaining clear skin. I've mentioned in the past that I started to get acne in my early twenties, and also that I'm a picker. Breakouts drive me up the...

My Maven Experience

Women's wellness is something that is so important to me. I am a firm believer in finding the underlying issue vs. the taking whatever the quick fix is for my symptoms. Growing up in Colorado, most of the Doctors I saw in my life were focused on finding holistic...

Beauty Board | Beauty Inspiration for Spring

My latest beauty board is bringing me inspiration for how to update my look for spring. I have serious commitment problems when it comes to beauty. I would love to change my look every day if possible. Creating a beauty board helps me to pick up on the common threads...

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Self-care is key – if you feel terrible, are you going to be able to enjoy the spoils of your hard work? Nope!


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