I’ve mentioned my love of tea tree oil in the past when sharing my skin care routine. Well, here I am to sing its’ praises again.

Since mid-January I have been having some serious stress-acne. As someone who has regular (but manageable) breakouts it’s been pretty severe, I’ve been getting 2-3 new spots a week. To give some perspective, I normally break out about once a month with a total of 4-5 spots. Usually, enough to be annoying but also easy to manage. Throughout the end of January, all of February, and March up until now I was the little boy sticking my fingers in the holes of the dam while water was spilling over the top anyway. One spot would start to heal and five more would pop up. I was breaking out on my jawline, my neck, my cheeks…areas that were not normal for me.

I was lured into trying spot treatments and acne oriented face washes, straying from my normal skincare routine. Nothing was working. I tried cutting caffeine out of my diet, then dairy (things I’ve tried in the past, but it seemed worth trying again since I was breaking out differently.) I washed with cold water, and then tried using hot water. There was no winning.

Then, the other morning, I opened my drawer to grab my toothbrush and had a, “Duh!” moment when my bottle of tea tree oil was staring up at me. First, I cleaned my face with micellar water (a new favorite) and then grabbed another cotton pad for the tea tree oil. I put a little water + a few drops of oil on the cotton pad and wiped my face, neck & chest down. I repeated this routine that night and the next two days. By the end of day two, the general inflammation of my skin had gone down and the existing spots were healing. By the end of day 3 I was not seeing any new spots popping up, which was a change of pace from the last few months. All hail tea tree oil!

Seriously. I was ready to go out and buy one of those expensive light treatment systems. I am really happy to share this experience that reinforced my own love of more natural treatments 🙂