Women’s wellness is something that is so important to me. I am a firm believer in finding the underlying issue vs. the taking whatever the quick fix is for my symptoms. Growing up in Colorado, most of the Doctors I saw in my life were focused on finding holistic remedies first, and pharmaceutical remedies second. That is a stark contrast to most of my experiences in the North East. Until moving to Philadelphia I had never been on to google my symptoms, but I found myself wanting to avoid the Doctors office more and more because of the sensationalized advice I was getting. But Google is really not a good place to get your info, and I know that, and thus the vicious cycle of not getting the right treatment the first time around began. Enter Maven. In case you haven’t heard of it yet, the Maven Digital Health Clinic is a digital health clinic specifically for women. You have access to Dr’s, Nurse Practitioners, Therapists and more all though your phone.

#squadgoals swag courtesy of Maven for #TheBlogConnect Conference

#squadgoals swag courtesy of the Maven Digital Health Clinic | Photo by Tim Becker

I recently had a chance to give the Maven Digital Health Clinic a chance and was instantly hooked. You book a 15 minute appointment through their iphone app or website and go from there. You have the option to provide information for your practitioner ahead of time in the comments section so they can come prepared with information for you. Plus, they are able to write prescriptions if necessary. The fee is a flat $25 for the 15 minute appointment. No lines. No sitting in the waiting room 45 minutes past your appointment time waiting to be seen. Best, no more showing up two hours late to work because of a Doctors appointment.

The fact that I can book a 15 minute face-time appointment with a Nurse Practitioner, write out my concerns ahead of time so she could be prepared when we met, and know that I would be met with on-schedule is a total game-changer. Adios WebMD 🙂 After two appointments I reached out to let them know how much I enjoyed using the app and ended up walking away as a brand ambassador. THAT is how much I love this app. Click through to read about one of my experiences and to get a code for a free appointment + a swag bag with all kinds of goodies!


The Situation

I’m not sure when my skin started to become a problem. Sometime after I graduated college, maybe around my 22nd birthday. Up until that point, I had been really lucky and only had very minor issues throughout high school and college.

The change definitely was not noticeable right away. I figured I was stressed and having a break out here and there, and it would resolve itself. Finally I realized it was more than that, and I was making it SO. MUCH. WORSE. I’m a picker. It is a gross habit that I have really made progress in breaking these last few months, but man when there was something to mess with, my fingers were there.

I tried all the things that you read in interviews with dermatologists and celebrities who always have that wonderful glowy skin. First, I washed my face less, then tried washing more. I cut back on products and super-simplified my routine. Then I tried one of those multi-step kits that are supposed to cure it all. Nothing worked. At the end of the day I was using so much concealer to cover everything up that I was making it worse while trying to feel less self-conscious about it all. It seemed like it was going to be a never-ending cycle.

The Appointment

What I had learned at this point was my diet and hormones were not the cause. Armed with this knowledge and a list of current products I was using, I set up an appointment with a Nurse Practitioner from theMaven Digital Health Clinic. Before my appointment I wrote a note to the N.P. detailing everything I had tried up ’til then. I wanted to make sure all of that was out of the way before we talked so we could dive right in to possible solutions.

My N.P., Asefeh Faraz, started the appointment by giving me a few different treatment options with varying levels of commitment and cost. She clearly knew her stuff.

I knew I wanted to stay away from any prescription stuff until all avenues had been exhausted. We went with the simplest plan to start out. I went to the grocery after finishing my appointment and picked up two things. No joke. TWO THINGS. I think it was like $10 total and I was on my way. Between my new products and my renewed dedication to not picking, my face was a million times better within a few weeks (so was my back.)

After two months of consistency I set up a follow-up appointment. The first thing she said to me was, “Oh my gosh your skin looks amazing!” Talk about a day-maker 🙂 We talked through my next steps of adding products that help increase skin cell turnover. The best ingredients for what my skin need were retinal and hyaluronic acid. These ingredients are definitely buzzwords right now, but they definitely tend to be higher on the price spectrum. At this point she gave me the awesome tip that most Marshall’s carry high end products. WIN! I successfully got Shisheido eye cream and a retinal product for under $20.

The Takeaway

In two 15 minute appointments my new favorite Nurse Practitioner had helped solve a problem that countless treatment options, dermatologists and Dr.’s hadn’t been able to. All via face time. Meaning I didn’t lose time sitting in a waiting room, I didn’t even have to leave my house! That is one beautiful experience. I am so excited about the Maven Digital Health Clinic. I am even more excited to share it with you.

There are a wide range of practitioners. You can almost always talk to someone the same day. Now there is no need to google your cold symptoms and walk away thinking you are dying of a disease that hasn’t been around since the Middle Ages. Win-win-win, right? If you are interested in trying it out, use the code SMOORELOVIN to get your first 15 minute appointment free. Just visit the Maven website, sign-up and add the code once you have logged in. I am a brand ambassador, so this code does give me credit. That said, I would not be an ambassador if I did not truly believe in this service.