My 5 must-have products for clear skin!

My 5 must-have products for clear skin!

In the last few years I have really started to hone in on my skin-care regimen, especially when it comes to maintaining clear skin. I’ve mentioned in the past that I started to get acne in my early twenties, and also that I’m a picker. Breakouts drive me up the flipping wall because I can’t leave them alone. I rarely break out (maybe 1-2 times a month) but when I do it’s usually cystic. One spot turns to three, turns to a giant scab, turns to…you get the point. Because of all this, my goal is to prevent absolutely any trace of a break-out so there is nothing to pick at. I thought I would share what is working for me right now – I say right now because I am positive that it will be an ever-evolving list.

My new, clear skin!

Do you know how exciting it is to be able to go without makeup when I don’t feel like putting it on?!

1: Face Wash

Tea Tree Oil Castile Soap: A couple of times a week I use a tea tree oil castile soap as my face wash. It’s sort of like hitting the reset button. I also use the soap as my body wash which has really helped with my chest and shoulders.

Glossier Milky Cleanser: When I have been wearing makeup, the glossier cleansing gel is my go-to. It is really impressive how well the cleanser takes makeup off and even more impressive how gentle it is.

2: Spot Treatment

Tea Tree Oil: When I was a kid, my mom always used tea tree oil as a kind of cure-all. I had all but forgotten about it until earlier this year. Now I keep it handy to spot treat any spots that flare up. My favorite way to apply is to wet a cotton round with warm watter, add a couple drops of tea tree oil and wipe down the area that is breaking out or inflamed.

Ice: I got my first facial recently and, naturally, the esthetician and I talked through some of my skin struggles. She was able to tell me that my acne is primarily caused by inflammation. This means ice (yes, ice. like what you get out of the freezer) is a great way to counteract any spots that are getting ready to flare up before they have the chance. Each night after I wash my face, i take a couple cubes and run them around my face. It’s really refreshing, and so far its really helped calm my skin down!

3: Moisturizers

Retinol Creme: I use a day and night version of a retinol creme to help increase my skin cell turnover. Typically you start using retinol products when you are wanting to combat signs of aging. Retinol increases skin-cell turnover which can help get rid of fine lines and wrinkles, so I take that as an added bonus for now 🙂

There are tons of options for retinol creams out there, but they are notoriously expensive. I usually get mine for about $5 at Marshall’s. My night cream’s primary ingredients are retinol and hyaluronic acid and my day cream is retinol and vitamin c. I haven’t had any trouble finding creAMs with those ingredients during any of my Marshall’s trips, so I definitely recommend going that route! One time I even got a Shisheido eye cream from them for a quarter of the cost. If Marshall’s isn’t an option, you can find the two creams I use regularly on Amazon here and here.