I’m all about making the most of non-work time. I share my favorite vacations and the activities that make them so great.

The Lokal Hotel A-Frame: A Cabin the Woods

Lokal Hotels have this A-Frame set up just right. Did you ever wonder what would happen if Airbnb joined forces with old school hotels? I’m pretty sure that’s how the Lokal Hotels concepts are born.

A Weekend in NOLA

Hi there! It’s me – the lady who talks a lot about all the things she wants to do and then gets overwhelmed and drops off the creative planet for a month. I had a chance to spend a long weekend in NOLA with my mom for her birthday and it was so refreshing. We went in with few plans and one goal – to spend time together.

10 Things to Bring on a Road Trip With Friends

I put together a list of the ten things I have found most useful to have with me on road trips. This list has been compiled over time based on the things I have been glad to pull out of the corner of a suitcase or the things I kicked myself over not having brought.

The Great American Eclipse | The Art of The Long Weekend Pt. 2

If you read Pt. 1, you know all about the awesome camping experience and my run-in with the moose family. Camping alone would have made for the best long weekend (especially when my birthday was part of it.) Why stop there when you are within driving distance of a point of totality for the great american eclipse of 2017?

What to Wear on a Summer Camping Trip | Packing List

I love camping. I grew up going on backpacking trips where you avoided bringing anything unnecessary because if you brought it, you were carrying it. Last week's camping trip was way more tame and because we drove to our spot, we could bring whatever we wanted (we...

Camping in Red Feather Lakes, CO | The Art of The Long Weekend Pt. 1

  There aren't a lot of times in life where things truly align in a way that make for an unbelievable experience. Aside from taking a couple of days off for my sister's graduation back in may, I haven't had any time off this year and was long overdue. It was time...

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Self-care is key – if you feel terrible, are you going to be able to enjoy the spoils of your hard work? Nope!


Self-care is key – if you feel terrible, are you going to be able to enjoy the spoils of your hard work? Nope!


Creative Inspiration comes from anywhere you let it, here is a collection of color palettes and other creative inspiration to help spark your next project idea.