The Lokal Hotel A-Frame

A Cabin in the Woods

Lokal Hotels have this A-Frame set up just right. Did you ever wonder what would happen if Airbnb joined forces with old school hotels? I’m pretty sure that’s how the Lokal Hotels concepts are born.

You get all the space of staying in a fully furnished homes, all the benefits of learning about a location from someone who lives there, and all the ease of checking in and out like a rental. The A-frame is a nice retreat that is relatively easy to get to, it’s a cozy spot with room for the whole crew. Here’s a quick recap of our short stay at this lovely little retreat!

Getting out of the City

Did you know that I do not like s’mores?

Tim was deeply bothered by this fact when I mentioned it the first night we sat around the fire pit at the Stay Lokal A-frame with his family. “But your nickname is smoore!” Oh, the irony.

The Stay Lokal A-frame is a super convenient 50 minute drive out of Philly into NJ that feels like it’s buried deep in the Poconos instead. The property is nestled in amongst residential properties but has the distinct feeling of being isolated (in a good way.) Their instagram account does not lie, the entire place is incredibly adorable. A minimal, but welcoming and homey, vibe emanates from the place.

The Lokal Hotel’s A-Frame

You pull up to the updated A-frame and are met by floor to ceiling windows. Out back, the view is mirrored but with the addition of string lights, a large deck and a wood-fire-heated hot tub. The first floor’s open floor plan has a table for 10, a comfy living area, and a large projector with all the good channels. There is also a bedroom and bathroom on the main floor. The master bedroom is upstairs with a small balcony, an office nook, and a bathroom. In the basement is a small TV and couch plus 4 twin bed cubbies with curtains, presumably intended for children but I was v comfy in mine thank you very much.

What We Did

We stayed from Tuesday night to Thursday am. It was a nice break from the city. Tim thoroughly enjoyed chopping wood for the hot tub and fire pits and everyone else had super relaxing days napping, playing chess and lounging in the hammock.

I had to work and used Wednesday as a working retreat (I did just get back from a week in Paris after all, LOL.) The one downside was night two I had to work all the way through until about 9. Less than ideal, but such is life.  There’s a solid collection of board games in the house, so we played those along with a few rounds of Code Names that we had brought along!  We caught ourselves checking phones a few times the first night and I think everyone was trying to be more in the moment on night two. It was really nice!

Planning for Next Time

To me this space would be an ideal work retreat. I would love to stay from Sunday to Thursday, keeping normal work hours but taking advantage of the mornings and evenings to enjoy the water. When exiting your front door normally dumps you onto a city street, it’s super refreshing to be able to walk out and see only nature 🙂

Get Away from it All.

Tips for the Stay Lokal A-Frame

  • Bring Bug Spray – Even with the fire going and a decent amount of bug spray coverage, we all got pretty bit up. I recommend coming heavily stocked with bug spray or a similar alternative.
  • Napkins – The cabin is INCREDIBLY well-equipped with shampoo, conditioner, soap, coffee, tea, towels, and bedding but I recommend bringing along a pack of dish towels or reusable napkins for meals during your stay.
  • Spotify Playlist – The entire cabin is wired with Sonos speakers. Come prepared to take full advantage with your own playlists or feel free to save one of these to play while you are there!
  • Hot Tub – If you plan to use the hot tub, start chopping wood and get the fire going IMMEDIATELY after you arrive. It takes about 6 hours to heat all the water in there!
  • Be Ready to Chop Wood – If you want to use the fire pit or hot tub, be ready to chop some wood! All the supplies are ready for you and there is a large wood pile behind the house, but you will probably need to cut the pieces smaller to fit them into the stoves.

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