There aren’t a lot of times in life where things truly align in a way that make for an unbelievable experience. Aside from taking a couple of days off for my sister’s graduation back in may, I haven’t had any time off this year and was long overdue. It was time for a super extended long weekend. Not only that, but it was time for a super extended long weekend that takes place in Colorado where we could enjoy things like camping. 

Back when Tim and I went home for my sister’s graduation, she and I talked about making another trip out of her college move in day. Then we found out move in was the week after my birthday, so I could be home for my bday if this trip worked out. Then we found out that some friends were going camping and had room for us to join. Then we found out the eclipse was happening the Monday before move in and one of the best viewing spots was only 5 hrs from where my family lives. [You can read all about our Eclipse trip to Casper, WY here.] SO MANY GOOD THINGS!

The Camping Trip

Waking up to crisp mountain air is one of my favorite things in this world. There is a brief window in the morning when you sleep in a tent when the sun has begun to rise & everything is cool before the tent starts to heat up. That window makes for the perfect natural alarm clock + some extra incentive to get out and move around before your tent turns to a sauna lol.

The morning of my birthday I was up before everyone and able to take a mini hike on my own. I ended up hanging out in the hammock we had put up when we first got there a little outside of the main camp area. As I lay there soaking up the pine-scented air I heard a few snaps and cracks – twigs crunching nearby. I peaked out from the hammock and was face to face with a gigantic moose. Turned out that gigantic moose was minuscule in comparison to the rest of its crew – it was the baby of the family and mom and dad were close behind.

If you’ve never seen a moose, the best perspective I can give is this: when I was in hs I was driving home from the mountains late one night. I came around a turn and found my car side by side with an entire moose herd. I was driving an xterra and the top of my car was about chin height to the majority of them.

Needless to say I was spooked. As incredible as it is to see these dudes up close… it was a bit too close for comfort, with all that size comes serious power! I cocooned myself in the hammock and waited for them to wander away. The mom and baby split off on a quiet route away from camp but the dad walked straight through the tents so a few of the others got a chance to get up close and personal too. RISE AND SHINE lol.

When everyone was up and going we drove to one of the lakes nearby and set up for the day. Paddle boats, and drinks and hike made for the perfect day. It’s easy to tell yourself you don’t miss a place that much when you are away for extended periods of time. This camping trip pretty much obliterated any pretense I had about how much or how little I miss Colorado. I miss it a lot.