President Obama’s 2016 Summer Playlist

President Obama’s 2016 Summer Playlist

Obama’s Summer 2016 Playlist


Have you had a chance to listen to President Obama’s Summer Playlist yet? DID YOU KNOW THERE ARE TWO?!?! Obviously I love a good playlist, and these are like gold. Presidential gold my friends. Except Courtney Barnett (Sorry, I’ve never been able to jump on that train.) Anyway, there is a day playlist and a night playlist, and I highly recommend letting them take you through this lovely Friday – that’s my plan 🙂 

Day Playlist


Night Playlist

Playlist Mood: Creative Chill

Playlist Mood: Creative Chill

Creative Chill

A Calming Playlist for Getting S*** Done

This week’s playlist is all about setting the tone for you to get some work done. Specifically, this playlist is for when your mind won’t stop racing and you have work that you need to get through. Picture this – it’s Monday afternoon and you are going through a serious case of the Monday blues. You had an incredible weekend and all you can think about are the different moments that you would rather be back in. The idea that you are supposed to meet your end of day deadline is looking more and more like a distant fantasy.

Queue this playlist.

These songs will help to get you out of your head and into a space where you can power through that project or check off the items on your list. Enjoy -xx

Playlist Mood: It’s All Good

Playlist Mood: It’s All Good

It’s All Good

An Up-Beat Playlist

This will be the first in a roll-out of mood playlists that I am super excited to share. The exciting thing about these lists is they will be constantly updated on Spotify. Whenever I find a song that fits the vibe, I will add it into the mix. You can follow the playlist, or come back to this post, to have access whenever the mood strikes and hopefully you’ll hear some new tunes each time!

This week’s playlist is for when you are feeling good with where things are going in your life (or maybe you are trying to trick yourself into feeling good? idk.) You are content, not an extreme emotion like excitement or sadness but a comfortable spot where you have what you need and are looking forward to things to come. It’s like when you are sitting in a park with the sun shining, it’s comfortably warm and you can feel the sun’s rays on your skin. You have a tasty beverage and a snack and are reading a new book that you are just far enough into to be totally hooked. Chill and dreamy vibes come through this steady list of songs that can help keep that good mood going.

Take a listen and browse some paintings by Clare Elsaesser to help build up that mind-set.


Painting By Clare Elsaesser


Painting By Clare Elsaesser

Good Holiday Vibes + an Americana Playlist

Good Holiday Vibes + an Americana Playlist

Good Holiday Vibes

An Americana Playlist

Happy 4th of July everyone, I hope you are with friends or family (or both) celebrating the good in life! Nylon put together an awesome Americana playlist filled with some classics. You can have a listen below 🙂

Happy 4th! For more lettering check out my instagram :)

National Anthem: 4th of July Playlist

It can be tough to see the good in our country right now when everywhere you turn you see how much needs to change. It seems like the current political landscape called out the racism, xenophobia, and general hatred of anything different that many thought we had moved beyond and then amplified it for personal gain. I am disappointed in so many ways at the hatred and lack of respect for our neighbors that I see far more clearly than I ever have before.

That said, we are lucky in so many ways to live here. Do we have a long way to go? Yes. Have we regressed in recent years? Absolutely. Should we, or have we, given up? No. And that’s what I love about our generation. We are working toward creating something better for ourselves, but also for future generations. As much as people like to say millenials are self-absorbed and entitled, our actions say differently. We are working toward creating something for coming generations to build on.

Take this day to enjoy our freedoms and spread the joy and love that inspires others to do the same. Every smile and act of kindness makes a difference and we can all strive to be the light that brightens someone else’s bad day.
– xx

Check out Nylon’s Americana playlist below to help get those good vibes started!

Sunday Night Bath Track | A Relaxing Playlist

Sunday Night Bath Track | A Relaxing Playlist

Sunday Night Bath Track 

A Relaxing Playlist

As promised: the Sunday night bath track.

So – two nights a week I try to take an hour to relax and soak in the tub. Like I said in the Friday night bath track post, everyone is busy. I get it! We all have the grand plans in our heads and they take work. I’m right there with ya!

Set the Scene

These two hours are something small that I can do for my sanity. And honestly, some of my most successful creative thoughts have come to me during this me-time. I play music and I read a book. 95% of my week, the thought of dropping everything to read – something that doesn’t relate to any of my endeavors – is really low on my list. And by that I mean it doesn’t happen unless I happen to be confined to my bed and have already watched as much Netflix / Hulu / HBOgo as I can handle. These two hours lets me do that. It lets me escape the pressure of my job and extracurricular responsibilities. I leave my phone downstairs so I can’t be tempted, I put on a playlist, and I chill.

I am telling you, it’s glorious. It seems like a lot of time to give up, but it makes a huge difference. For me, I’m set up for a better week after Sunday and a better weekend after Friday. Start with 30 minutes if an hour sounds like too much commitment…ease into this puppy.


Put on a face mask, I like to use the mega greens galaxy pack mask from glossier to help reset my skin for the new week along with my attitude (use this link for 20% off).


Toss in some bath salts and turn the water on super hot so you can soak! I like to use my rose bath salt soak on friday because it helps bring me down at the end of the week, but on Sunday I pull out a kelp and sea salt soak to reinvigorate me. Added bonus: I put in epsom salts to get the water super salty and get out feeling like I’ve been swimming in the ocean, which is magical.

Below is the “I’m going to kick this week’s ass like a centered goddess of control and happiness” mix. Mhmm yup.