I have a major problem with purchasing swimsuits. It’s a weird thing, I get in the mindset at the beginning of a season that I am missing one item from my wardobe, like shorts or casual dresses, and then that is the only thing I buy for months. At the end of the season, I suddenly have an abundance of that one item and I don’t need to buy it again for a year or two. The exception is when I go swimsuit shopping. I buy one and then find another I want to buy 3 weeks later. Which makes very little sense – I can’t wear them all that often…That said, summer is here and I am scoping out swimsuit styles I like.

The hunt is on! Here are my four favorite swimsuits for the summer plus a few sunnies to start accessorizing with 🙂

My Picks

Forever 21 Crochet Bikini // Wildfox Sunnies //  Triangl Bikini // Mikoh Kaneohe Neoprene One Piece // JCREW Bikini // Nasty Gal Sunnies