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Inspiration courtesy of Parachute


Do you ever find yourself completely amazed at what a difference a small change can make to your whole life? Tiny things like switching from coffee to tea, or switching to natural deodorant, or maybe putting a plant on your desk can end up making a big impact in totally unexpected ways. I have found this SO true when it comes to decorating my house. I am a slow decorator, I like to find things organically rather than rush out and try to fill a room so it’s “finished.” I’ll shift books from one spot to another and all of the sudden the whole room feels like a different space! I have been avoiding making any moves on my bedroom because I have been so focused on making the common areas in my house super comfortable for visitors.

In an attempt to make my room feel a bit more luxurious over the weekend, I soaked my not-so-white sheets in oxy clean for a day hoping to get them back to a nice bright white. No such luck. My bedroom is underwhelming and in need of a little love.

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Cut to yesterday when I drove past Marshall’s and decided to stop in. It’s by far one of my favorite places to browse when I have something I know I am looking for in a general sense, but not a specific product in mind. Plus it’s fun to find the things you didn’t know you needed for like $1… Maybe you want a portable mini-golf course, or maybe you didn’t realize how badly you need a color coded filing system for your magazine collection…I don’t know, but they always seem to have it! I ended up in the bedding section, where I picked up new sheets, a mattress pad and a light quilt to take the place of my heavy duvet for the upcoming hot summer months. $80. For $80 I totally revamped my bed.

Now I’m not saying that $80 has completely changed my bedroom. It is still not very personal yet, but it’s getting there. What was so awesome about this purchase was the effect it had on the way today started. I woke up feeling completely rejuvenated. Super-fresh sheets and the extra padding of the mattress topper completely changed my sleep. My sleep tracker app told me that my sleep efficiency rating was an 88% (I normally am somewhere in the mid 70’s.) I woke up excited, was able to knock out a bunch of chores before the work day started, and am in a fantastic mood. What could be better? Crazy to see what a difference a relatively small change can make to your outlook and overall well-being. I’ve totally got my bedroom in the back of mind now for when I am passing through little shops!