Say ‘Oui’ to These 10 Berets

Making This Cool-Girl Trend Work For You

As trends do, (now that I am old and have seen some of them before) the return of Berets has brought back a really funny memory.

Christmas the year I was in 5th grade, I asked for a beret. Atleast I think it was 5th grade judging by the memory of the house where I opened the box, lol. This would have been 2000-ish – approx. the last time that berets were really popular.

I was dying to get one, I was desperate. I suspect this need was inspired by Laine Boggs in She’s All That – The epitome of the cool artsy girl I felt I should be seen as (LOL.)

The beret was the main thing I asked for.

My mom got me a beanie. Now, I don’t know if she didn’t know what a beret was or if she didn’t want to get me one… or maybe couldn’t find one? Either way, I was ecstatic because she told me it was a beret and, since it came from my mom, I believed her. I proudly wore my beanie beret.

SO, with that I am going to share some of my favorite berets that are out right now – maybe I’ll get a real one this time lollollol.

10 Berets for the Cool-Girl in You

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