You have a hot date with that guy you met at the concert the other night. He had that cool-guy look where you’re not totally sure if he’s a mechanic or a self-made millionaire with a motorcycle collection. You are going for late afternoon drinks on a Sunday by the water, and if things go well you’ll be walking down the pier and sitting in the sun’s glow until it sets.

So. What do you wear? You want to be comfortable, there’s no reason to add any pressure of feeling like you can’t move when you are hanging out with someone solo for the first time.

My vote is for the effortless-looking combo of a graphic-t and pattern-packed shorts. Tie the T in the front to accentuate the higher waist of the shorts, add some fun over-sized sunnies plus nude sandals and you are set.

sunnies : Nasty Gal | shirt: Current/Elliot | shorts: Show Me Your Mumu | Sandals: Dolce Vita | clutch: One Teaspoon Shop these items at the bottom!

About the Details

One good graphic-t is all you really need. That’s the beauty of them – their versatility. I have always had a weird thing about wearing old band t-shirts bc I was afraid someone would walk up to me and start talking about a song and it wouldn’t be one I knew and then I’d be locked in this awkward conversation of, “Oh…well I like this other song…and also I just liked this t-shirt.” This fear is completely unrealistic because how many random people come up to you and start having an in-depth convo AND you see these types of shirts everywhere. Nonetheless, I was on the hunt for a graphic t that had the same vibe but none of the implied knowledge. Enter the Super Loved shirt. The second I saw it I knew it was the one, few other things in life have had the courtesy of giving me that certainty. I picked it up, checked out at the cashier, and we have been happily united ever since. I wear it all the time, and one of my favorite summertime combo’s this year is pairing it with these fantastic lemon shorts.


With their elastic waist and flowy cut, the lemon shorts feel more like pj’s than day-wear and I will love them forever for that. Finding this pair with a higher waist was a big win, I feel like a million bucks when I put high-waisted anything on. By tieing the bottom of my t-shirt to expose the shorts  instead of tucking it in, I was able to keep from adding extra bulk under the shorts. Always a bonus!

I opted for nude sandals to help bring some balance to everything else I was wearing. If I were wearing this outfit for a night out I would probably go for some bright red platform sandals.


Wear It With Confidence

My favorite part about this outfit is that it makes me feel good. It’s fun and interesting and it feels like it has some of my personality worked into it. The best way to make this outfit yours is to take the basic principle and work your own favorites into it.

You love your vintage looking college T or that ‘HOPE’ shirt from when Obama was campaigning in ‘08? Cool, wear that on top.

Feel uncomfortable in sandals because you need to run after a small child or animal at a seconds notice? Pair it with nude sneakers that have simple details and you are good to go.

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