The holiday season is here and it’s time to start thinking about gifts for your favorite people! As someone who works in front of a computer all day, I put together a gift guide for the working babe. It is filled with things that can brighten up her space, make it feel a bit more home-y, and even add to her hydration game. Something I noticed once I started working in an office was how dry my hands were and how greasy my face felt. It took me a while to find the right mix of things to help remedy these things but I’ve figured out a pretty good combination. Now that I work from home, I’ve actually continued using these things for an overall more pleasant work day. Read on for all the awesome gift that can help make going to work a little more fun 🙂

For the Space

I started using an essential oil diffuser to make my work area more calming (p.s. this is an affiliate link.) I love to add lavender oil, and have it running for my entire work day. Added bonus – I have a litterbox near my workspace, and this diffuser completely erases any trace of litter smell.


If you haven’t noticed, I am a big fan of having plants around. I love these planters by group-partner, they’ve been around for a while but there’s a new added twist – this particular option benefits planned parenthood. So not only will you be letting your lady-friends know that you want them to be happily surrounded by plants all the time – you are making a positive impact in the name of women’s health too!


If live plants don’t seem like the right option, these embroidered plant scenes are a pretty fantastic alternative! Especially good for lady-friends that have to travel a lot.


Designlovefest drinks out of a BKR water bottle…so we should all drink out of BKR water bottles, lol. But seriously – these water bottles are fantastic. The bottle itself is glass and has a rubber guard on the outside that keeps it from breaking if you happen to drop things on a regular basis like I do. I would definitely recommend getting the bottle brush, too. The opening is pretty tiny and you want to be able to wash that baby out!

These awesome up-cycled glass cups are a pretty addition to any desk. These are made by another local Philly craft shop called Remark glass. I am super excited to see what they come up with moving forward. A bowl and cup set would be great! Your gift-ee can have something nice to eat lunch out of on a daily basis 🙂


For the Skin

Face mists are an awesome way to do a quick refresh mid-day. One quick spritz on your face helps re-hydrate your skin. It sounds crazy but I swear office-air is extra dry. It doesn’t seem to matter what climate you are in. Glossier has a great rose-infused spray and so does Herbivore Botanicals. Both are easy to put in a purse or desk drawer for quick pick-me-ups. Bonus points because both brands are made in small batches in the U.S.A.


I would totally love to get my hands covered in this gin & rosewater shea butter by tokyo milk. Shea butter is great for hand creme because it’s thick enough to really get your hands feeling good and mositurized. Bonus points because Tokyo milk is made in small batches in the U.S.A.


Plus, Add a Little Sparkle for Good Measure

I am a big fan of the ear-climber trend and this pair is the perfect for an every-day minimal pair. Everyone should have a few pieces of trendy accessories now and then. Between the earrings and this beautiful aqua ring, she would have a ton of new options for quick accessorizing in the morning. The ring is made in Philly by Haley of American Boho  and is a great little sparkly piece to wear daily. It’s always nice to have new accessories to mix into your daily work wear 🙂


There you have it. Some of my favorite work-space gifts for the working babe all in one place! Whether it’s youre work-wife, your wife-wife, your girlfriend or a close friend, these gifts have you covered. If you want some more gift guide inspiration here are a few of my favorite guides:

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