I have officially switched into spring/summer dressing mode. I am so happy about it! As adults we don’t really get the opportunity to do a full wardrobe overhaul for each season like we did as kids. There’s that whole us not drastically changing sizes/heights thing…and then there’s the fact that we have to foot the bill. Nothing like paying for yourself to fully appreciate how much our parents sacrificed to get us new sneakers every time we wore them through, lol. It IS fun to get a few new things each season to help refresh without having to do a full overhaul, and spring definitely brings that out.

I have finally felt the first burst of spring weather and I am so excited about it – last weekend I got sunburnt sitting on a friend’s roof and now I’m sitting in Mississippi, working from my Mom’s house, on a porch swing. Both of these things were so needed I can’t even explain it to you. I like winter ok, but I am partial to spending at least 60% of my time outside and that is hard to do in a NE winter (even a mild one.)

In the excitement of the new weather, and the presence of my mom :), I decided to go on a try-on spree in hopes of finding one or two items to freshen up my spring/summer options. I got this great kimono Tobi and wanted to test out some different ways to wear it. I have had a few awesome wraps like this over the years but I never end up wearing them much and I want to make sure this one gets a fair shake.

I tried on quite a few things, but these five were in the final running.


I tried two separate pairs of joggers with a simple sheer t-shirt. This would be awesome for a day of errands or lounging outside. Buy It: kimono | t-shirt | joggers


I ended up getting this pair of joggers, they are an awesome olive green and SO soft! Buy It: kimonot-shirt | joggers


How cute is this combo? It’s so simple, but so comfy and looks like it took way more effort than it did… I love a good t-shirt dress combo. Buy it: kimono | dress


This romper is super cute, but a little short in the back. The kind of short where when you bend over your whole butt flashes…the kimono is the perfect solution to make it more wearable without having to watch your movement. Buy It: kimono | romper


This combo is the perfect blend of fitted + flowy. Both of the fabrics are super light-weight so it would be awesome for long days outside when you want a break from cut-offs and a t-shirt. Buy It: kimono | jumpsuit


And The Winner Is…

I ended up going with this jumpsuit because DUH. I am totally obsessed with it, and hoping that I still like it as much once I get it hemmed. Have any other shorties out there noticed that you get so used to having all the extra fabric at the bottom of pants growing up that once you get to an age where having things tailored actually makes sense, having things the proper length feels weird? No? Just me? Ok.

kimono-jumpsuit-dillards-tobi kimono-jumpsuit-dillards-tobi