Photos By Tim Becker 

Of all the shore towns in New Jersey, Asbury Park is my favorite. It’s followed closely by Cape May, but the lack of traffic makes it a solid number one. I love that you can easily sit down at a restaurant on the boardwalk and have a real meal and not just a slice of pizza or your other standard boardwalk foods. The architecture is fantastic, and I love the fact that the developers appear to be trying to keep them standing as they rebuild vs. tearing them down to start fresh. Old buildings are being utilized in awesome ways – there is a skatepark at the end of the boardwalk and murals all over the place. I love that there is an unapologetic grit to the city that welcomes you with open arms as you are and expects the same in return.

I first visited 4 years ago and it has been interesting to watch as the town has morphed and grown each time I return. With every visit  there is another shop front open on the boardwalk and a few more restaurants in town. There are also a few more new hotels that have opened up! I am going to be staying at The Asbury later this summer, I’ll be sure to let you know how it is!!

The Beach

Starting the day on the beach is always my plan. I lather up in spf 30 and throw on a sun hat for a few hours of quality book time. I tend to make sure that the clothes I wear to the beach can be easily used to shade me if I feel like I’m getting too much sun – an oversized light-weight T with denim shorts is my go to for sure. Easy off, easy on when I inevitably start to feel the burn.

For the Dogs

When I was looking at things to do in the afternoon on a Sunday aside from lounge on the beach, I squealed when I found Yappy Hour at the Wonder Bar. Yappy Hour runs from noon to 7pm every day of the week, all summer long!

Did you know Asbury Park is super dog friendly? The guy that manned the door into the dog area at the bar mentioned a doggy buffet, multiple dog-friendly hotels and a general positive attitude toward pups! My mom and I have a stay at The Asbury Hotel planned later this summer, and she is all set to bring her dog, which makes everyone happier.

All The Music

The first time I went to Asbury Park was to cover the Skate & Surf Music Festival for Tri-State Indie. We drove up to streets filled with people ready to spend the day listening to punk and hardcore music in the sun. On this trip, we ended the day at the Stone Pony watching Reel Big Fish in a sea of people. It was a great way to wrap the day up and I can’t wait to see more show there! The venue was awesome (keep in mind it’s cash only if you decide to head to a show there yourself.)