Welcome back to my stylistic travels! Today mostly covers how I approach prices and why i love hunting for a good deal.

Paper doll illustrations courtesy of Danielle Meder, she makes incredibly intricate paper doll fashion illustrations!


It all starts with my Grandma. She grew up in a very poor area in Kentucky and had a very large family. We will just say, she knows how to stretch a dollar and is actually one of the smartest financial people I know when it comes to budgeting. She and my Grandpa succeeded in building their lives up from next-to-nothing. They developed a great business and, through networking, went to tons of fancy parties and events, traveled the world and had all kinds of adventures.


Through all of this, she was very interested in fashion, keep in mind how glamorous parties in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s must have been. She also recognized that she didn’t want fashion to be the only place she spent money. It’s from her that I learned the glory of TJMaxx and thrifting. We still go to senior day at the Salvation Army when I’m in town.


Remember when I said I had started to understand what fits I liked best on my body? This has become one of the things I am so grateful for in the last few years.

I really love shopping. I mean really. This love requires me to not spend a lot of money on individual items. On the flip side, I also want quality items, I don’t want to HAVE to buy something new because my poor quality stuff is wearing out too quickly and i don’t want to have so many things.


Because I have a pretty good understanding of what style and cuts I like on my bod, I am able to shop online. I can fall in love with a $400 dress, recognize that I should not spend that much on an every-day-dress, and then hunt around until I find something with the same feel that’s more in my price range.


Finding fits that you really love on yourself can be weird, and takes a lot of trial and error. My best advice is to go to a department store, something like Macy’s that will have TONS of range in fit/price/color, and try a bunch of stuff on. Choose three styles of something, for example Swing dress + Bodycon + Maxi. Next find a few different versions of each style, and go try on!


There’s no pressure when you do this because you don’t have  to buy anything, which means you can really take a look at how something fits. That way you develop a little bit of a vocabulary in which styles you like, so the next time you get an email with A HUGE FLASH SALE you can take advantage, rather than waffling over whether or not something will “look good” or “fit right.” Obviously this method isn’t fool proof, there will always be outliers, but at least you have a base!

Once you get a better idea of the things you like and feel comfortable in, clothes become less stressful. And the best thing to remember is that style has more to do with you and your personality than what looked good on someone else. You know how trends “come back in style?” Well somebody out there had to bring it back. Wear what you want, how you want, with confidence, and you will be set.

Check back next week to see how I decide when to save and when to splurge 🙂