Neuschwanstein Castle

While I’m chillin I’ll be thinkin about this castle

Man-oh-man am I looking forward to the weekend! There are tons of plans to be made in Philly this weekend, but I am looking forward to a laid back couple of days 🙂 Earlier this week I slipped on the slick part of a cross walk on my run. At that moment, I realized that I am getting old. I literally laid in the street for a solid 3 minutes because I couldn’t move lol. I had to assess all my parts to make sure everything was ok. Luckily I’m just a little bruised and stiff. Needless to say, my body is in need of some solid rest and a nice tub soak, I think I’ll even give my Friday night bath track a listen. Sunday I’ve got plans for brunch with a friend and her parents and I have a couple girl’s nights on the calendar that I am pretty excited about! Read on to see where I’ll be brunching in Philly this weekend.


Oh brunch. There are so many wonderful things that come out of brunch. Huevos Rancheros, Cheeseburgers with eggs on them, Bloody Maria’s with entire salads as their garnish… I could go on forever and ever. But instead I’ll tell you the three places that I have in mind for this weekend 🙂


[column grid=”4″ span=”2″]You can always count me in for biscuits and gravy and I’m pretty sure I can convince you to split a pecan sticky bun ;)[/column]

[column grid=”4″ span=”2″]HOURS: Saturday & Sun 9am – 2am
WHERE: 129 W Laurel St, Philadelphia, PA 19123
HOW MUCH: $$$ [/column]


[column grid=”4″ span=”2″]Oh. My. Geez. The open faced biscuit. You have to get the open faced biscuit! Aside from the delicious food, I love that Hawthorne’s has a bottle shop – i.e. you get to pick your beer/cider from the case and pop it open at the table and they will bring you a glass if you want it. SO MUCH VARIETY![/column]

[column grid=”4″ span=”2″]HOURS: Saturday & Sun 9am – 10pm
WHERE: 738 S 11th St, Philadelphia, PA 19147
HOW MUCH: $$$ [/column]

CANTINA (Passyunk)

[column grid=”4″ span=”2″]Cantina is pretty much my go-to restaurant for any meal (hello pulled chicken tacos) but the ceviche on their brunch menu is amazing. I have taken a few different visitor’s there specifically for the ceviche and not one has walked away with anything less than a grin.[/column]

[column grid=”4″ span=”2″]HOURS: Saturday & Sun 10am – 2am
WHERE: 1651 E Passyunk Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19147
HOW MUCH: $$ [/column]