Yay it’s Friday! I don’t know about you guys but this week was definitely one that needed to end for me. For me, this weekend in Philly is going to be a little bit fancy and also SUPER nerdy.

A couple of my good friends are getting married this afternoon and it’s a black tie wedding *ooOOoooOooooooooOOoOoooOo, so fancy!* I’ll be spending the afternoon in Allentown for the ceremony and heading back to Philly for party time in the evening. I am super excited to dress up with everyone. How often do you see all your guys in tuxes?? You can check out my look inspiration over here on pinterest and I’ll be sure to share in my instagram stories too :).

The last wedding we were all at was a bit less formal and soooo fun too!

The last wedding we were all at was a bit less formal and soooo fun too!


All the gals minus the bride :)

All the gals minus the bride 🙂

The beauty of a Friday wedding is I have ALL WEEKEND to do things after the wedding! That’s pretty exciting because there’s an event happening Saturday that I’ve been trying to attend for about 4 years and it has never worked out. More about that and a few other things happening this weekend in Philly coming up.

Chestnut Hill Harry Potter Festival

[column grid=”4″ span=”2″]The Harry Potter books and movies were a HUGE part of growing up for me. I got the first 3 books as a gift when I was in second grade and was hooked. The 4th book came out, at which point I had re-read the first three a few times, and I was so excited that I finished it in one day. I love the movies just as much. When I am having a rough week I will pop one in and watch it, it sort of acts like a comfort food would. The attachment is real haha!

The fact that there is a whole festival dedicated to Harry Potter this weekend in Philly is super exciting and I can’t wait to check it out! There are activities, and Quidditch tournaments and vendors and all kinds of goodies to take advantage of! Even better, this year the whole street will be closed during the festival so there is plenty of space to wander.[/column]

[column grid=”4″ span=”2″]HOURS: Saturday 11am – 5pm
WHERE: Germantown Avenue from Rex to Willow Grove avenues
HOW MUCH: Pay As You Go[/column]

Brunch at Terrain

[column grid=”4″ span=”2″]If you are at all familiar with the URBN name, you probably know about their awesome outdoor store, Terrain. When Terrain opened I begged to go there for my birthday but no one was into the idea of driving out to Glenn Mills (p.s. it’s really not that far) to get to brunch. The whole store is full of plants and gardening and furniture for outdoor spaces. Hello, heaven. On top of all that wonderfulness, they have a restaurant that serves brunch EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

The gang is finally going 😀  So, needless to say, I am pretty excited to experience all the goodness that I know is in store. My main challenge will be to not max out every credit card I have to buy the entire stock.[/column]

[column grid=”4″ span=”2″]HOURS: Brunch | Every Day 10:00am – 3:00pm & Dinner | Wed – Sun 5:00pm – 9:00pm
WHERE: 914 Baltimore Pike Glen Mills, PA 19342
HOW MUCH: $$$[/column]