Hello and welcome to Philly, Fall! I am looking forward to taking serious advantage of some of the fall activities in and around Philly this weekend. My primary goal is to get a pumpkin, so fingers crossed that it doesn’t rain.

Eugenia Loli: Rising Mountain

Eugenia Loli: Rising Mountain

I have some big ambitions for turning my bedroom into a plant sanctuary for the winter months when my back patio is out of commission. I’m not positive I am going to start the project this weekend because it’s a pretty big undertaking. A large part of it is to create floor-to-ceiling shelves on one wall. Because I work from home, I like to get out of the house as much as possible on the weekends and at night, but the visions I have of what the shelves of jungly-goodness would be like to wake up to in the morning may be enough to keep me indoors for a bit. Aside from that, I have some friend-dates lined up with people I haven’t gotten to spend much time with lately and I am pretty excited!

One of my goals this year is to really enjoy the season that I am in and to keep the seasonal griping to a minimum (i.e. omg it’s so hot where tf is winter!?) I’ve strayed a few times, but for the most part it is going well. I think I’m also enjoying everything a little bit more 🙂 The best way to do that is to take part in all the fun activities that only happen during the season you are in. I am super excited for the fall activities that involve getting out in the crisp air.

For that reason I am particularly excited about the recent seasonal switch in weather. I have been going on my daily runs during my lunch break during the week because the temperature is just right and I am getting my fire pit ready on the back patio – it’s s’more-makin time. The in-between seasons are so great because the extreme temps tend to hold off, and there are so many fall activities that are outside! Click through to see some of the spots that I’m planning on checking out this weekend in honor of Fall finally being here.

Neon Vibes

[column grid=”4″ span=”2″]Have you heard about Pabst’s  Citywide Festival in Philly? Basically PBR is showing the city that loves them and city-wides some love. Pabst has commissioned neon signs from some incredible local artists to be displayed forever in bars around the city. Friday night is the grand kick-off where all of the custom neon signs will be shown in one spot. You can support some of the artists by purchasing posters during the event. Plus there will be a paint station where you can create your own tribute to the great city-wide.  [/column]

[column grid=”4″ span=”2″]HOURS: Friday 5pm – 9pm
WHERE: Ruckus Gallery, 27 N. 2nd St.
HOW MUCH: FREE [/column]

Pumpkin Patch

Well duh. This has to happen before halloween which, in case you haven’t heard, I love. I want to stock up on a pumpkin or two so I can carve them into spooky characters and then make roasted pumpkin seeds out of the guts.


[column grid=”4″ span=”2″]You can pick apples, choose your pumpkin, take a hay-ride or eat a million apple cider donuts. All of these things are valid reasons to make the journey out to Linvilla. I have already made apple sauce twice this fall, so I’ll be skipping the apples. I definitely want to take advantage of the apple cider donuts (these are literally the only donuts I like) and I’ll be grabbing some pumpkins too! You don’t have to pay an entry fee, just for the goods you decide to take home. They have a pretty wonderful selection of jams, so keep that in mind :)[/column]

[column grid=”4″ span=”2″]HOURS: Saturday & Sun 8am – 9pm
WHERE: 598 Linvill Rd. Media, PA 19063
HOW MUCH: $ [/column]

Dock Street Brewery

[column grid=”4″ span=”2″]As a contingency plan for the potential rain, I’m looking at eating massive amounts of pizza and doing a brew tour at Dock St. Brewing. I did my first brew tour recently at Philadelphia Brewing and it was super exciting! SCIENCE IS SO COOL. But seriously, I really like listening to people explain how beer is made. Thinking back to how they must’ve figured that out back in the day is so crazy. [/column]

[column grid=”4″ span=”2″]HOURS: Saturday 12pm – 1am & Sunday 11:30am – 5pm
WHERE: 129 W Laurel St, Philadelphia, PA 19123
HOW MUCH: $$ [/column]