I am happy to announce that the PHLBloggers’ first conference, The Blog Connect, is happening!


Holy smokes I am so excited to announce this event! Over the last couple of months I have been working closely with a couple of my PHLBloggers ladies to put this baby together. The website is live, the date is set, and we are READY. TO. GO.

This is my first major speaking event, which makes me super nervous and super excited all at once. I’ve talked to small groups in the past, and have taught on a personal level as well. This will be a much more in depth talk and I can’t wait. I will be speaking about content organization and best practices to help make your website the best it can be…and so that people know how to get to things without having to download a how-to guide 😉


We met up on Sunday to talk about some of the more fun things…things like swag bags 😀 It’s so fun making lists of people to reach out to as potential sponsors. You get to develop your brand even more doing stuff like this because it helps to mold the personality you are presenting to your customers (or attendees :D) I have done brand-building before, but never on something personal like this conference. It is so different coming into it as both the client and the designer, i am really enjoying myself.

The OTHER thing I am super excited about for the conference is taking the brand that was created for it, and making the space catch the vibe. Flowers and sparkly things and colorful goodness everywhere!! (p.s. if anyone knows of any florists that would be interested in doing a trade of services and is in or near Philly, PLEASE let me know.)

Now that I have word vommitted all of my excitement out – I really hope to see both familiar and unfamiliar faces at the event! PHLBloggers has been such an awesome meet up to be a part of, and I love watching it grow.