Photos courtesy of Tim Becker

The Cry Babies art show was a huge success. Thanks to everyone who donated art and everyone who showed up, we were able to raise money for the ACLU of PA. Thanks to our ACLU rep, Aarthi Manohar, people left better informed about the importance of the ACLU’s work. I will be writing a post that goes into this in a bit more detail.

Benefitting the ACLU of PA

I want to start off by thanking everyone who came Friday night. The outpouring of support helped reaffirm that we are in this together. The ACLU has already played a huge part in acting as a check & balance to the Trump administration. Based on the last 9 days, we are going to need them to be able to continue doing that in the years to come. Friday’s event raised over $1000. Final numbers are still being calculated because the food truck that was posted outside of the event, Dump-N-Roll, has decided to donate their sales from the night as well!

A piece by my co-host Margo Hurst

Submission by Keyonna Butler


Submission by Angela Rio

Submission by Corey Danks

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ACLU rep Aarthi Manohar signing up new volunteers

[column grid=”4″ span=”2″]Bai stopped by with some donated beverages <3 [/column]

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Hanging in the Space


Art by Nathan Hurst

Submissions by (L to R) Jacqueline Powell, Weston Kenley, and Margo Hurst

Jacqueline Powell’s submission

One side of my piece for the show

A good friend of mine came up to me at one point and said how happy they were to be in a place where people were having real conversations about what is happening in our country right now. Not only that, but people were making plans. They were discussing how they were taking action, and finding more ways to collaborate. This is so important. We have work to do and we can’t do it if we are segmented.

How We Can Move Forward

One of the most influential tools we have as a collective group is our money. In the same way that we can divest our financial interests from groups that do not act for the betterment of our country, we should support those who are acting for the betterment of our country. Whether it’s a recurring monthly donation of $5 or a one time thing, I highly recommend finding a way to contribute to the causes that are important to you. The organizations that are trying to help need resources and all the small $5 donations add up fast! If you are interested in supporting the ACLU further, here is a link to their donation page. I understand that financial donations aren’t always an option, I am going to put together a list of some alternative things you can do if that’s the case!

Like I mentioned before, I am planning on writing a more in depth post about the ACLU. Do you have any questions in particular? Is there anything else that you want to know about in regards to lending a helping hand?