Hello, hello and happy Wednesday! I am super excited to share more details on a couple of events happening this week, one of which I have been working on with friends. I am honored to contribute to one event and help spread the word about another. The time to #resist in Philly is definitely here, and there are a lot of opportunities to stand up for justice and to educate yourself on how you can help.

Post-election the city is full of activism and education, not to say it wasn’t before – but once again it is on the fore front and gaining traction. After the election I mentioned that I would be getting a little more political on here. The reasoning is I am political. I do not hide my beliefs. This doesn’t mean that I don’t want to have conversations with people who think differently, on the contrary I want to talk to as many people as possible that are willing to have a two-sided discussion. I also want to provide as much info as I can for anyone who wants to be more active in the fight for a progressive United States.


For those of you in Philadelphia who are sympathetic – The GOP is having a “retreat” at the Loews hotel today and tomorrow. There are plenty of groups going to protest and you can see a collective list here. If that is not an option for you you can wear all black to mourn the loss of the 43,000 lives that are projected to be lost if the ACA is repealed. Share your story on social media using the hashtag #BlackOutForHealthCare.


Long post in support of #blackoutforhealthcare • Before the ACA I worked for a company that paid me barely above the poverty line and didn’t provide any sort of insurance assistance. I paid $99 a month for a plan that would literally only help me if I had some sort of catastrophic event. That $99 meant I wouldn’t have money for atleast one week of groceries, but I made up for that by working at a restaurant on the weekends where I would take uneaten food. Essentially I just crossed my fingers that I wasn’t going to get sick…and that someone was going to order an extra plate they didn’t eat. The one thing that I had through all of this was that I knew if something REALLY bad happened, someone in my family would be able to help me out. I also wasn’t supporting a family. For a lot of people that’s not an option – the ACA is that helping hand. It’s the difference between living and dying because prescriptions are too expensive. Because they have a pre-existing condition that disqualified them from the old system. Because mental health and preventative care didn’t matter before the ACA. This is a lifeline in this country. In the short amount of time we have had access to the ACA people have started to realize how much you can do when you have preventative care. With preventative care you are able to recover if you do get sick vs. constantly getting to 90% only to fall back into the depths of that flu you can’t quite kick. Yes it needs work. No it doesn’t need to be erased. #repairdontrepeal #endthestigma #resist

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The Cry Babies Art Show Benefiting The ACLU of PA

I am super excited to share this event. My friend Margo and I have been working to get this event together since the election. Ten artists & Designers and 3 DJs have put together an awesome show to raise money for an organization who’s advocacy work is going to be vital in the coming years – the ACLU of PA. Along with all the awesome art and tunes, Bai Beverages will be stopping by to give out some of their delicious antioxidant drinks, the Dump-N-Roll food truck will be parked out front, and beer will be available with your $5 admission fee at the door.

Did I mention that all proceeds go to the ACLU of PA? That means that anything you buy inside the art show is going straight to them and their incredible team of advocates. I hope to see you there! Here’s the facebook event if you would like more info 🙂

P.S. Come say hi to me because I will be a nervous wreck, I have never shown my art before.

Note: This event or its organizers are not directly affiliated with the ACLU of Pennsylvania, nor has the organization officially endorsed this event.