Do you ever find yourself sitting at your desk at work/school/home with your headphones on jamming out so hard that you have to work at not belting out all the lyrics at the top of your lungs?

I do… a lot. It is a constant struggle.

I thought about this when Chrystina and I talked about last week’s playlist. I will get on a kick where I am listening to a few songs so much one week that my energy builds up with them. For a while it was Angel of Small Death and the Codeine Scene and Jackie and Wilson off Hozier’s self-titled album.

This isn’t the kind of sing-out-loud situation where you are dancing in front of your mirror in your underwear singing into a curling iron. It’s more like you get so caught up in the song and go into auto pilot on the rest of your life. You are carrying out your daily tasks like you would do anyway, but you are also so into the song that you kind of forget people are around you. I kind of picture it as that awkward movie scene shot from the perspective of the person the movie is abou: you are viewing things like they would, straight through their eyes, moving sort of robotically until the next time you actually interact with another person.

Anywho, these songs are best when played loud + repeat and shuffle if you are feeling spontaneous.