That was the first thing I thought when I listened to “Why Don’t You Believe In Me” by Natalie Prass. The next was, thank you Riot Act Media for bringing this music into my life.
Country has always been a Genre I stay away from. Sitting in a backyard BBQ-ing does not incite a feeling deep within me to jam out to songs about beer and muddy tires. BUT the more I pay attention when listening to music, the more I recognize the influence country plays in so many artists’ work.
I wouldn’t by any means label Prass’ music country, but you can definitely hear the influence. Her voice manages to be bubbly and sultry all at once, making you feel a little sad – but you are happy to be sad. The soulful tone of her songs makes you happy to feel everything more deeply, you fall into the story being told bit by bit showing the power of her words.

Time recently featured her as an artist to watch in 2015 and I can see why. Her tour and album release come through this year and I am SUPER excited to see she is coming to Philly, woot woot! I will definitely be attending that show.

You can also listen to her on spotify, here is a link to her music.