Wish you were headed to SXSW? I do. SXSW is on my shortlist of festivals to check off my bucket list! I love the idea of being in a place where everyone is so dedicated to tech/film/music. I put together a playlist to have on while I am sititng at my desk pretending to be wandering around in the warm sunshine. Every song will help me pretend, a little more, that I am wandering the venues watching bands I’ve been dying to see and discovering the ones that would’ve been burried in the spotify playlists of millions of others. Here are few spot-lighted artists, but give the full playlist an ear and let me know what you would like to see at SXSW this year!

Rangleklods: They recently released ‘lost u’ as their first US single, and I think it awesome. It sounds translucent, like the music is playing in rippling waves in front of you, but just out of reach.

Emily Wolfe: First I listened to her new single “Cigarette Burns”…then I listened to “Bullets,” and then I listened to “Dance on the Record Grooves” and 15 minutes later I realized I was still listening. Wolfe’s voice is powerful and calming and wonderful. Check her out!!

Natalie PrassRemember when I wrote about Natalie Prass earlier this year? Well now I am doubley jealous of all the people attending because they have the chance to see her live!

Fictionist: Happy. Fun. Summer. Yes. Go listen now.

Night RiotsHave you ever seen Bastille’s video for “Of The Night”? For some reason this reminds me of that. I wouldn’t compare their music necessarily, but the feel is definitely similar.