Kill It Kid is on heavy rotation in my house right now. Specifically their third album Feet Fall Heavy. It combines everything I love about old blues with new indie rock. Little bits of old tracks are laid in with the new vocals and it creates a pretty epic combination. Mark my words, you will be watching a True Detective-like show and Kill It Kid is going to be the sound track.

On the scale of bands I would love to see live, they are definitely at the top. Something tells me that hearing their music in a small venue would be a pretty powerful experience. Feeling the vibrations of the music in your heart-beat, being able to close your eyes and move with a crowd. It would definitely be a solid experiment.

Kill It Kid sounds like a band that crawled out of the Louisiana Bayou carrying all of their instruments and equipment. Appearing out of no where in the middle of a clearing to play a set for no one but themselves. There’s a deep southern soulfulness in the scratchy texture of their voices. It’s the kind of music that makes you move move without thinking because you get taken over. I like it. None of this actually describes the band – they are based out of the UK.

There are tons of free downloads on their site, plus all the info on tours. Check it out, I would love to know your thoughts!