One of the greatest things about summer is all of the awesome concerts that happen and how easy it is to get around with the nice weather. This week I am looking at three nights of concerts and I am really excited! Two are new to me and one is a group that I absolutely LOVE and have been waiting for them to come back to the states for a couple of years. On Thursday I will be checking out a friend-of-a-friend’s band right around the corner from my house (which is awesomely convenient), Friday I get to see Boy & Bear (<3<3<3) and Saturday I will be going to a Kenny Chesney concert. What strikes me about this lineup is how polar opposite all of these shows are. I am really excited to get to experience them back to back because I think it will be a really cool way to see how my headspace is affected by each show. Super easy to compare and contrast when it all happens right next to each other, right?

Here’s to everyone having a wonderful week filled with new experiences and open minds! Now take a look through some dreamy photos from A Restless Transplant and listen to Boy and Bear to help get your week going – xx









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