Holy moly it’s almost the end of May. Anyone else having a “what the…” moment about that?

I spent pretty much all of April looking forward to visiting my friend in San Diego + a Road Trip up to Yosemite and Grand Sequoia National Forest. I have spent most of May recovering from said trip. I don’t understand how you can do so much prep work before a vacation and still come home to so many things that need to be done, lol.

In the midst of the build up to my vacation (and the come-down post vaca) there were quite a few events thrown in that I would love to tell you about! Anyone who lives in Philly knows that the city gets a gigantic breath of fresh air when it starts to warm up – tons of street festivals happen in the spring, all the outdoor beer gardens open up, and we get more excuses to eat some of the delicious food the city has to offer. I love taking advantage of as many of these opportunities as I can, because in the winter it is so easy to hunker down and never leave your house/interact with other people. Click on through to check out highlights from a few events that have been going on!


2016_05_26_smoorelovin_post_Catch_Up_Philly_By_BoatPatriot Harbor Lines celebrated the new addition of The Liberty to their fleet with an awesome night of cruisin’ and snackin’ and drinkin’. We got a chance to go out on the Delaware and pass the Battleship New Jersey (which, I learned from my grandfather last weekend, is the most famous battleship.) Thanks to Philly PR Girl, the media had an opportunity to see what Patriot Harbor Lines is all about.



This was my first time going to a show at Coda. It’s smack in the middle of Rittenhouse and usually has a more clubby vibe. Catch me in the right mood and I could enjoy that, but I typically prefer a chill bar. But dude. As a venue, Coda is awesome. It’s small without forcing everyone to be smooshed together, there’s enough going on around the stage that the performers have something to interact with, and they have really cool chandeliers :). Miami Horror definitely helped to make the spot have such a good vibe. Their music is like a weird vacation that makes your head feel kinda trippy (in a good way) and leaves you with a big smile on your face but you’re not totally sure why.



At the end of April, Chef Cheryl, invited about 20 bloggers and food influencers to venture out of Philadelphia to one of her favorite Italian Restaurants in Pennington, NJ called Piccolo Trattoria. She arranged an incredible tasting of her favorite menu items.

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I’ve mentioned before that I grew up in Colorado. There is not a huge Italian influence in that neck of the woods. Living in Philly, Italian food is literally everywhere you turn and every other person you meet grew up deeply rooted in Italian culture. Now I am going to make a polarizing statement – Italian food isn’t really my thing. Crazy, I know, but I couldn’t tell you the last time it was my turn to choose a restaurant and didn’t go straight for tacos 🙂 That said, I have a few favorite dishes that I don’t pass up, and going into this day my goal was to try at least one bite of everything that came out (I’m not a picky eater at all, I just fill up kinda quick.)

There were so many delicious things! First off, Arrancini is my number 1 Italian food favorite…and Piccolo Trattoria has those delicious little balls of goodness down. Their pizza selection is also A+, AND there is a pizza covered in pasta… so if you’re into that sort of thing you are in luck! Creamy sauces don’t really get my taste buds going, but the entire group was raving about the Carbonara.If the Arrancini was my number 1, the Tiramisu was a close second. That was some of the best Tiramisu I have had, probably ever. The second your bite hit your tongue it was dissolving – SO GOOD.

Some of the sponsors of the event gifted us their offerings which was awesome! One of my favorite items from the bag was the waffle from waffletopia. It had bacon and maple syrup cooked into it, I enjoyed it with a coffee and nothing else was really needed…how good is that?


We also got avocados from Gargano’s Fruit & Produce in the Italian Market and a coupon from Old El Paso to get whatever we wanted. Naturally I opted for taco boats (they are so cute!) and found a recipe on The Beeroness for beer battered avocado tacos. Holy moly, they were so good…the recipe has become my new go-to when I have guests over!
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Chef Cheryl’s travel series is an awesome way to get aquainted with restaurants you may not otherwise find, and is going to be continuing at different restaurants around the Philadelphia area. Keep your eyes on her instagram for more updates!


I am super excited about this. Back when I joined PHLbloggers, Chrystina asked if I could do a quick logo. I kick myself for that thing to this day. It made sense at the time, but the group has outgrown it by leaps and bounds and I cannot wait to re-make that baby and give the group some cohesive branding! For now, there is a new website that better fits the needs of the group, yay!! 🙂


Everybody loves a good street takeover, eh? Well, I do! Punch Media presented an awesome event showcasing a few new menu items and a couple of new signature cocktails over at Square 1682. I had a blueberry tequila drink that was so deliciously refreshing. I also got to hang out with an inflatable flamingo…so there was really no way the evening could go wrong.



Oh my goodness, seafood, you are the apple of my eye – the gold at the end of the rainbow. I could seriously sit at a raw bar eating for 24 hours straight and be totally content. Pennsylvania 6 has an incredible raw bar, I have seriously never had oysters so huge. On top of the raw bar, there are a number of new items being added to the menu with the welcoming of a new Chef.

The simplest thing I tried was Salmon with a Port reduction and I had to go back for seconds because it was so good. The Port reduction was thick with a sweetness that the fish cut into in the best way. There was also a Foie Gras that was just the right amount of sweet, and rice pudding with a citrus-y topping that I could eat by the gallon. The one item that I didn’t get to try was the Lobster Roll, I heard it was more Lobster and less cream which sounds AMAZING to me.

Thanks again to Punch Media for these wonderful evenings!