I got to add my ‘We Can’ post-it to the Love wall in NYC 🙂

Happy New Year, we have made it through 2016! Thank goodness. I am welcoming 2017 with skeptical but open arms. Reflecting on the last year over the last few weeks reminded me of the good and the not so great.

2016 had some really low points for me. There’s all the obvious crazy stuff that has been in the news (and the fact that the news itself has become a constant negative cycle.) But on top of that – I almost lost my mom. We are walking into a nightmare of a presidency (imo.) A large percentage of the world has managed to completely lose the ability to empathize with people who are ‘different’ than them. These things scare me.

I also had the opportunity to take some incredible trips this past year. There was a road trip up the coast of California to see Yosemite and Grand Sequoia National Park. My first trip to Europe where I visited Munich, Salzburg, Budapest and Zurich. My friends and loved ones continue to blow my mind with their ability to break down my walls through kindness and love.

Taking all of this into account I’ve got some big plans for 2017. Here is one way I am going to kick the year off right.

Starting the Year on a Better Note

To start the new year on the right note, I am taking action to support things I believe in. My friend Margo and I have put together an art show. The day after the election we connected over facebook about our dissatisfaction with the results and our desire to actually do something about it.

On January 27, we are hosting a show at the Maas building featuring ten artists, all for the benefit of the ACLU of Pennsylvania. The cost per person is $5 at the door. That money will be donated directly to the ACLU of PA along with any proceeds from art sales. Margo is working with some awesome sponsors to be sure there are drinks and tunes for everyone and I am super excited! I would love to see you all there, the event is on facebook here.

Cheers to a powerful new year for us all!