SO. In my last post I mentioned making some changes to my online presence and hoping they would help me make some moves in my career and life in general. WELP. It worked!


In the last couple of months I have transitioned into a new job, taken the opportunity to take two weeks between to really decompress and reflect before starting in my new role, and spent time with a lot of beautiful people in beautiful situations. The two weeks I had in between jobs were something I was not sure I wanted, but I am so happy things worked out the way they did. I had a lot of time for self reflection and to finish up freelance projects that would have been distracting in my first weeks of learning my new job. I ALSO got the opportunity to surprise my baby sister back home in Colorado for her 16th birthday, and that was something that means more to me than anything.


smoorelovin roof garden

the rooftop garden oasis has been completed! …kinda


I had a mini game-plan for that two weeks. The first would be dedicated to tying up loose ends at my last position and finishing out a few outstanding freelance projects. I figured out a way to get back to Colorado for my baby sister’s 16th birthday to surprise her in the middle of my break. By the second Monday I wanted to be finished with all my projects meaning I would have Tuesday-Sunday of the second week to really take a break.


More about my reflection and travels after the jump 🙂


Leaving my old position was REALLY hard because I worked with such an incredible team. We were a super tight-knit group of friends, but sometimes you have to assess a situation and look to see what is really best for you. The closer I got to my last day, the more I questioned my decision to move to a different company. In the end my desire to learn and be challenged (which I can tell are both going to be part of my day to day for a while) won out.


Naturally the weeks went super fast, I finished my work for my old company and started in on my freelance, but I dedicated most of my time to some major revamping of my roof deck. I am now the proud mama of a roof garden oasis 🙂 I literally put the last bit of furniture together the night before I left for home.



Downtown Denver’s updated Union Station



Birthday Chaco’s, My Colorado is showing 🙂



I was greeted in Colorado by torrential rain and an eventual blizzard that stranded me an extra day. Thank you Colorado spring, I forgot how crazy you are. Before the snow hit, I had a chance to take my sister into Downtown Denver which is where I grew up. She lives in the suburbs and doesn’t get out of her area very often. It was so fun getting to show her parts of Colorado she hadn’t spent much time in. It was also crazy to see how much Denver has changed in the last 6 years. The development is nuts! There’s a side of it that is really awesome, but it’s also hard. You never want to see your home turn into someone’s playground you know?


smoorelovin_CatchingUpOnLife4We had to re-light the candles because she got too stressed out blowing them out the first time and forgot to wish, haha!


Saturday I had a chance to meet my step mom’s new-ish boyfriend and his kids. Part of the way through the dinner the snow started. It was slow and steady, and within 30 minutes there were 4 inches on the ground. Sunday morning came, we got up at 4 am to drive to the airport and my step mom offered to pay for a later flight, there was no way with all the snow that we were going to make it to the airport. Later that day we went to the airport for my second flight, and naturally the minute the car pulled off I got an alert for a delayed flight and by the time i got to the ticket counter my flight was so delayed that I would miss my connecting flight. Luckily I had an incredibly nice and helpful attendant from US Airways assisting me and she found a spot for me on a 6am direct flight the next day. The crew came back for me and we all had a super nice and relaxing afternoon….Meaning I would not be meeting that internal Monday deadline.



Dun, Dun, nope! Our faces as we realized there was a blizzard and the weather-men weren’t lying.

The blizzard forced me to do a couple things. It made me abandon my finish-work-by-Monday plan, and it allowed me to spend a smidge more time with my brothers, sister and step mom.
And you know what?


Everything still got done. The world did not explode, and my head is still on my body. Lesson to self, sometimes my internal deadline is too aggressive and creates unnecessary stress.


One of my biggest struggles, and this is an on-going theme, is making sure I am appreciating the real world and not getting overly involved in work projects and planning my next one. I definitely throw myself into my work a little too hard. I have a tendency to feel like if I am not constantly doing something, then I am doing something wrong. I need to be practicing lettering or baking a cake, or working out – and if I am sick of doing those things, then? Then I need to sign up to volunteer somewhere.


This two week break almost, ALMOST, broke me of that.



All my little babies who are no longer little babies