Over the weekend, I was lucky enough to snag a ticket to see Hozier at The Electric Factory. A few months back my friend Jenny and I were talking about said concert, she had been lucky enough to get tickets from her boyfriend for Christmas and I stared in shock, with my mouth WIDE open when she told me.

Those tickets sold out almost instantly.

Just like the first show he played in Philly. And every other show he is on the bill for, also sold out.

We talked for a solid 15 minutes about the feelings that come from listening to Hozier’s songs. We each had our own favorites, I really love Angel of Small Death and the Codeine Scene. I listen, and it feels like the music is reaching into me and forcing my breath out. Jenny said some similar things, although hers made her boyfriend question her going to the show ūüėČ

Because of some unfortunate circumstances, the second ticket needed a person to accompany it to the show. When I got the text asking if I was able to make it I was like, “AWWWWW YEEEEEEE!”

Saturday rolled around and I stopped at Jenny’s for a drink before the show. THAT, my friends, is when we realized there were two amazing things happening that night. Not only were we getting to see Hozier… we were also getting to see George Ezra. Two sexy man voices in one night was a big thumbs up from both of us. Both guys have very different sound but both¬†voices have some major power.

George kind of brought the mood up, he had a playful, flirty act and told the stories behind some of his songs. Apparently he wrote the ideas for Buddhapest after drinking too much one night and missing his train to the city. His music sounds like it’s coming from the belly of a 60 year old man sitting on a chair with a guitar on his knee and his grandkids around him ¬†as he sings the stories of his adventure-filled youth. Which is obviously impressive considering he’s 21.

From there, the mood leveled out for a bit. Hozier’s music kind of makes me want to be in a dimly lit bar, empty except 4 or 5 other people, sitting¬†in a booth behind a heavy velvet curtain. He opened with my favorite song (see first paragraph) and played track after track, sounding better than the album ever could. At the end, before coming back for an encore, he gave the most genuine, ‘thank you” followed by about five million thumbs up’s. ¬†Given the blues-y feel of his tunes, it was nice to see the fun side of both him and his band. Near the end they covered Ariana Grande’s “Problem” and for the first time I really enjoyed it.

What are your thoughts on Hozier and George Ezra? Are they new to you? If so take a listen below!