On August 19th I turned 25.




Holy moly, I am half way through my 20’s! That’s a crazy thought. I feel like the last 5 years in particular have led to a lot of growth and change in general. A lot of ground has been covered in five years. I spent an amazing semester in Australia, graduated college, I lost my dad, I got my first job, I quit my first job for a second job, and left there for my current position, I bought a house (Sheeeeeet I bought a house!) and the list goes on and on.

There are a lot of big things down the road, hopefully I will be working for myself one day, and I will have the opportunity to travel to so many more places (My biggest frustration with myself is that I have not been traveling since coming back from Australia.) I will learn how to better balance work and life, and will be better at physically visiting my family and not just ‘keeping in touch’. This one is hitting especially close to home right now.

There is so much promise in every day. Seriously, SO MUCH. It’s important to remember that the bad makes the good better, and you are in charge of how things make you feel. Make the effort to choose the positive spin as often as you can. Project your positivity to bring happiness to the people you encounter throughout the day, and leave that impact as your legacy.

What do you do in your day-to-day to keep the positive vibes goin?