What is smoorelovin?

A home for creatives looking for ways to live their best creative life.

Creative Inspo

I love building color palettes from different images I find around the internet to create a mood. If you are looking for a place to start, check out this series of color palettes based on classic halloween movies. Another way for me to completely step outside of whatever mindset I am in and re-center my focus is through music. I love sharing playlists that put me in a certain mood, here is one of my favorites.


I love clothes. I have put a lot in to developing my personal style, there are always mis-steps that don’t look quite how you picture them but that’s the fun of it all! You can see how I started to develop my style here or check out my latest outfit post.


For all the weekend warriors out there – these posts are for you. I may not get to travel as much as I would like, but I do what I can and I make a point to experience new places near and far.


While I am no expert, I have always been super into wellness and taking care of the whole to make the individual parts of our selves the best they can be. I share my findings like my skincare journey.

The Girl Behind the Blog

smoorelovin is run by Sarah Moore, an Interactive Designer & multi-media lettering artist with a love of good tunes, good style, and all the colors.

In addition to working for an award-winning firm specializing in digital software and solutions, she has served as the Creative Director for PHLbloggers, creative conferences, and organized various art shows throughout Philadelphia.

Originally from Colorado, Sarah moved to Philadelphia for college and ended up sticking around. She has always been a creative problem solver and excels in taking an unconventional approach to give life to any idea, no matter how simple or complex.


Meet the Ladies that make smoorelovin happen.

Sarah Moore

Sarah Moore


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Christina Verbarg

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Feel free to send an email to smoore1383 [at] gmail.com with a proposal on why you’d be a good fit for the smoorelovin team. Can’t wait to hear from you!