I love the way color captures emotion – bright colors make people happy, deep colors can be sultry, and these colors make me feel like summer. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but the days are starting to get shorter. As much as I love the cool, crisp air that comes with fall there is a magic in the summer air. It’s the type of magic that makes people smile more (even when they’re drenched in sweat) and gets people outdoors for walks and bike rides with the fam. How can you not love a season that brings all of that?

This week’s palette ties all of those feelings together into 5 bright and happy colors. I’ve always said pink was not a color I liked, but I think I’ve realized I like almost every pink EXCEPT the color of pepto bismol. This is a very specific color to call out but hear me out. The weird powdery pink of the childhood medicine somehow became the go-to ‘girl’ color. Example – normal boxing gloves? Those should be red. Girls’ boxing gloves? PEPTO BISMOL PINK! Why not make them a cool fuschia or neon pink, huh?? (I mean, if you really want to get into it…why do they have to be pink at all?) Anyway, before I get too far down that rant-road I’m bringing in this light and lovely pink and letting it play with some other vibrant colors. Check out this outfit post showing these colors in action!


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