It’s All Good

An Up-Beat Playlist

This will be the first in a roll-out of mood playlists that I am super excited to share. The exciting thing about these lists is they will be constantly updated on Spotify. Whenever I find a song that fits the vibe, I will add it into the mix. You can follow the playlist, or come back to this post, to have access whenever the mood strikes and hopefully you’ll hear some new tunes each time!

This week’s playlist is for when you are feeling good with where things are going in your life (or maybe you are trying to trick yourself into feeling good? idk.) You are content, not an extreme emotion like excitement or sadness but a comfortable spot where you have what you need and are looking forward to things to come. It’s like when you are sitting in a park with the sun shining, it’s comfortably warm and you can feel the sun’s rays on your skin. You have a tasty beverage and a snack and are reading a new book that you are just far enough into to be totally hooked. Chill and dreamy vibes come through this steady list of songs that can help keep that good mood going.

Take a listen and browse some paintings by Clare Elsaesser to help build up that mind-set.


Painting By Clare Elsaesser


Painting By Clare Elsaesser