Hey Now

A Perk-You-Up Playlist

Hopefully this playlist hits you at exactly the time in the day when you look at the clock and go, “no.” For me that time usually happens when I am snapping out of a highly productive stretch. 

It’s the point when I have been deep in the flow of work for a couple hours, I’ve accomplished a solid amount of work, and I think to myself that surely it’s about time to be done for the day.

And then I look at the clock.

Life lesson: Any time you look at the clock in hopes of a specific time, it will not be anywhere near that time.

That’s when I switch on a new playlist and hunker down for the rest of the afternoon, and THAT is how this perky playlist came about. I pulled together some upbeat songs that help push through the end of the day. Everyone can use a pick-me-up every now and again right?

I hope this perky playlist helps take your mind to a place where you can easily finish your day with a smile and energy to do something awesome after work! xx