Good Holiday Vibes

An Americana Playlist

Happy 4th of July everyone, I hope you are with friends or family (or both) celebrating the good in life! Nylon put together an awesome Americana playlist filled with some classics. You can have a listen below 🙂

Happy 4th! For more lettering check out my instagram :)

National Anthem: 4th of July Playlist

It can be tough to see the good in our country right now when everywhere you turn you see how much needs to change. It seems like the current political landscape called out the racism, xenophobia, and general hatred of anything different that many thought we had moved beyond and then amplified it for personal gain. I am disappointed in so many ways at the hatred and lack of respect for our neighbors that I see far more clearly than I ever have before.

That said, we are lucky in so many ways to live here. Do we have a long way to go? Yes. Have we regressed in recent years? Absolutely. Should we, or have we, given up? No. And that’s what I love about our generation. We are working toward creating something better for ourselves, but also for future generations. As much as people like to say millenials are self-absorbed and entitled, our actions say differently. We are working toward creating something for coming generations to build on.

Take this day to enjoy our freedoms and spread the joy and love that inspires others to do the same. Every smile and act of kindness makes a difference and we can all strive to be the light that brightens someone else’s bad day.
– xx

Check out Nylon’s Americana playlist below to help get those good vibes started!