Monday night Northbowl set up shop for a holiday card making event. Northbowl set the mood with cookies, cider and hot cocoa, not to mention the fireplace flickering away on the TV’s. A local paper shop, casa papel, donated the blank cards and envelopes. They have these really great envelopes that you fold yourself which leaves a lot of room for creativity. I like using these envelopes as self containing cards and just writing my notes on the interior with decorations and addresses on the outside.

I was around to do hand-lettering if people wanted, but the best part was breaking out the Elmer’s glue and doing old-school cut & paste cards. We all sat around our tables thinking of what we wanted the cards to say – some were classic ( i.e. let it snow, happy holidays) others…not so much (think bad santa). A few of my cards are shown above, but some of my favorites had illustrations of Charlie Brown, and tiny glitter trees.

I am a firm believer in giving cards with gifts and in thanks when a gift is given to you. When you make them yourself, they are even more awesome! Who doesn’t love getting a hand-made card? There will be another event on the 15th, maybe you can come and make all of your thank you cards for the gifts in your future!