Having gone to school for graphic design, I’ve gotten accustomed to people assuming I know every possible area of graphic design out there: print, illustration-type work, billboards, websites, coding, and every other skill that could possibly be classified as ‘creative’. The fact is, I want to. I would really love to be able to do everything. I love learning and growing my skillset but school is expensive, ya know?

Enter: one month.

A friend had taken a class on ruby through one month and recommended I look into it. This was seriously the best decision I have ever made education-wise. Prior to taking this course my only experience with html was an intro class I took while studying abroad in Australia. Let’s just say the info didn’t really stick.

The class is taught via 30 minute videos that lead you through building a website (if you are taking the html) so you are learning by doing. It is really great because you end the class having built your first functioning site. I went from knowing virtually nothing to building a pretty snazzy landing page for a company in 30 days.

The absolute best part of the program is how great the support is. Any questions you have can be sent in and will be answered within a day. I had a chance to start the Ruby class after finishing the html class and was having trouble getting one of the programs installed on my computer. One of the teachers sat with me on the phone and a screen share for about 2 hours until everything was squared away. I’m telling you, this program is amazing and they know their sh**.

Because of all this awesomeness I am really excited to share their scholarship program. The program’s goal is to get more women interested in tech and out in the digital world and I LOVE IT. Every single month ten new scholarships will be awarded, so go apply!! Word on the street is they loved all the applications so much during their first month of doing this that they gave out 20 scholarships. Big hearts my friends, big big hearts.