Color Palette No. 29

A Turquoise Color Palette + an Ode to Pat McGrath


Turquoise is a color that is tied to a lot of memories for me. When I was in 4th or 5th grade I got to pick the color of the walls for my ‘big girl’ room. They had previously been a light pink with fairytale couples painted around a cute Disney quote – a project that took my mom ages and she definitely didn’t get enough credit for. When it came time for the update I was thrilled to choose on my own and went with – you guessed it – turquoise. The turquoise I chose was bold and vibrant, unlike the muted shade at the center of this palette. One of my favorite parts of how I see colors now vs. then is recognizing that various colors can work together to create the same impact of a single bold color. 

This is a trick that my all-time favorite makeup artist, Pat McGrath, is the absolute master of. The look I based this turquise palette on is a prime example of using multiple colors to collectively create an overall tone. Separately they are muted, but together they create an aura.

Have fun playing with color friends!

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