Color Palette No. 28

Feminine & Powerful

Did anyone else have a major chip on their shoulder growing up when people would assume they could guess their favorite color based on gender? This always annoyed the crap out of me. 

Until you are 10 or so I feel like every adult either assumes you like pink or blue dependent on your gender. I was always happy to report back that my favorite color was ACTUALLY green, but not regular green – more of a mix between Kelly Green and Olive (said  in the voice of Hermione from Sorcerer’s Stone.)

“Oooooh, you’re wearing pink, you’re a girly-girrrrrrl.” 

First of all – why is this an insult? Second of all, no. I am so grateful we are moving in a direction where labels like this are less pervasive and individuals are simply allowed to be. You like to wear dresses and sparkly glitter, but also to opperate heavy power tools & play in the dirt? Cool. You like to wear hard-core biker gear and also enjoy kittens and puppies and lattes? Fantastic. 

Anywho, I digress. These were some of the things that went through my head as I was putting together this week’s color palette. This palette was inspired by some art directed photos from a couple of my favorite design influences. Jessica Walsch’s always-super-honest photo series (the blue photo) and Bri Emery’s light, airy shoot for a new client of hers (the pink photo.) Using the pink as the lightest accent color with two very bold colors makes for an impactful color set. Used right, I think there are some really beautiful neutral effects that can be achieved.

This also happens to be the color palette of my house 🙂

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