Color Palette No. 25

Lunar Eclipse

Were you one of the lucky people with a view of last week’s lunar eclipse? I drove out to Casper, WY with my boyfriend, baby sister, and brothers to see the solar eclipse that passed over the U.S. last summer and was super bummed to learn we wouldn’t get a good view of the Lunar one that just happened. Some of the images that flooded my feed were so incredible, I figured why not put together a color palette. It’s been a while since my last color palette post but I’ll be pulling more of these palettes together with inspiration from instagram (bc, duh.)

I love this pin I found from Jessica Walsh. Sagmeister & Walsh is one of those design firms I have been hearing about since day 1 of college. They make bold decisions and statements in many of their projects and recognize that they will not resonate with everyone. Their goal isn’t to please everyone, it’s to share a message in an effective way.

This image of the lunar eclipse is one of the many that landed in my feed – it’s so incredible!

Finally this incredible mural by Adam Fujita. I have always wanted to work with neon lighting, but this mural totally made me re-think that. His ability to recreate the same effect with paint is pretty cool, right?