It’s amazing how many lower-key gatherings happen around the holidays between larger, more involved celebrations. This week’s holiday table decoration inspiration is definitely meant for these types of gatherings. Keep things crisp with light table-cloths, simple place settings and lots of appetizers (let’s be real we all need a break from heavy food between feasts.)

From Halloween until New Years Day I feel like I go to a lot of events and gatherings that require dressing up, spending a lot of money, and doing a lot of networking. These things are all awesome (I really love meeting new people) but I start to feel like I am so out of touch with my good friends because everyone is so busy. I like to find ways to get together without adding any stress to people’s social schedules. Sometimes it’s just a matter of getting a few friends together to catch up between family gatherings and work parties. It can help you calm down between more stressful meals, and can be a fun way to catch up and maybe commiserate after being together during a politically divided holiday season. Hopefully this week’s holiday table decoration inspiration will help make getting together a little easier 🙂 -xx