Creative Inspiration comes from anywhere you let it, here is a collection of color palettes and other creative inspiration to help spark your next project idea.

Color Palette No. 26 | Earthy Tones X Chihuahua

Nothing to see here…no I’m good. Yes my sanity is very much in tact and it is totally normal to have a color palette inspired by a teeny tiny little pupper. Real talk – I have been super into earthy tones lately. I think, in part, my brain is rebelling against all the vibrant tones I fall back on regularly. It’s trying to tell me to switch things up and challenge my creativity a bit more.

Color Palette No. 25 | Lunar Eclipse

Were you one of the lucky people with a view of last week’s lunar eclipse? I drove out to Casper, WY with my boyfriend, baby sister, and brothers to see the solar eclipse that passed over the U.S. last summer and was super bummed to learn we wouldn’t get a good view of the Lunar one that just happened. Some of the images that flooded my feed were so incredible, I figured why not put together a color palette. It’s been a while since my last color palette post but I’ll be pulling more of these palettes together with inspiration from instagram (bc, duh.)

10 Ways to Nurture Your Creativity in Troubled Times

Creativity is a powerful ability. It’s a skill that is honed by years of practice and nurture. My belief is that creativity is like any other skill – you have to nurtutre creativity. If you neglect it and assume it’ll be there when you need it, it’ll abandon you. Maintaining your creativity is a holistic process. The world around you urges you to think one way, part of creativity is being able to ignore those parameters and see the alternatives.

Going Big With Mrs. Eaves & Finding Time to Experiment Creatively

I have been wanting to paint a mural for a very long time. In fact, it has been my New Year’s Resolution for the last two years. Over the weekend I went to a workshop on taking sketches from small to big scale – i.e. mural size, taught by Gemma O’Brien (so much internal fan-girling.) After the workshop, I can finally stop second guessing my instincts about the how of mural painting. Once my basement is not a flooded wasteland I am going to attack the back wall as a test of my new skills!

Color Palette No. 24 | A Hazy, Late Summer Color Palette

We are starting to get in to my favorite part of summer. Everyone is starting to feel the pull of fall - school, a new season, less daylight - and they are trying to fit in all the activities they can before we get there. People stay at the beach a little later. They...

Color Palette No. 23 | A Tropical Color Palette

There is nothing like a tropical color palette that packs a punch! This color study combines unusual colors to capture a tropical vibe. The vibrant and warm hues transport you straight on to your own private island. Or, if you are anything like me, it reminds you of...

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Self-care is key – if you feel terrible, are you going to be able to enjoy the spoils of your hard work? Nope!


Self-care is key – if you feel terrible, are you going to be able to enjoy the spoils of your hard work? Nope!


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