Spring Fashion Trends 2018

Spring Fashion Trends 2018

Soothing Tones X End of Summer

Remember in The Devil Wears Prada when Meryl Streep’s character get’s super sassy and says: “Florals? For Spring? Groundbreaking”. Well that’s kind of what I brace myself for every time I look at spring trends. Don’t get me wrong, I love when seasons change and there’s an excuse to go shopping, but spring fashion for me tends to have a little monotony that fall fashion doesn’t. There are a few things we can expect every single year; sure the size for the florals or decade of inspiration may change, but you can pretty much guarantee that you will in fact see some floral every. single. spring.

Well that’s what I always told myself at least. Spring 2018 may very well be proving me wrong. Sure, there are some tried and true trends, but I also have some really great new or surprising trends that I am super excited to share with you!

Tried and True Trends


I don’t think you can find a color palette more synonymous with a season than pastel and spring. Between flowers blooming and the Easter Bunny lurking about, pastel is the epitome of spring fashion. The top pastel color for Spring 2018 is lavender, but really any muted hue will do.


Something about spring is very romantic…I mean not for me personally, thank you seasonal allergies…but for designers. They love creating etherial, flowing, romantic gowns that any Disney Princess would love to wear. For those of us who live in the real world and don’t have birds to help us dress every morning, the romantic trend can be a little off-putting. But have no fear – you can totally rock it! Instead of a ball gown, try a sheer top! Instead of head to toe ruffles, try a single well placed ruffle. And if it’s still too romantic, throw on a leather jacket to toughen up the look!


This year, opt for florals with a 60s or 70s vibe to feel fresh again. Florals also pair well with the romantic and pastel trends, so try mixing the trends together to create a cohesive look. Another fun way to add florals into your wardrobe if you’re not the biggest fan, is to add another print in with the flowers, but we’ll talk more about mixing prints a little later 🙂

Yay For New Trends


Show me plaid in the fall and I’ll have the same reaction as florals in spring; been there, seen that. But plaid for spring? YES! There is a lot of variety within the plaid trend, so whether you prefer to wear window pane plaid, gingham, or just a good old fashioned tartan, you’re bound to find the style you like this spring! Want to know the difference between plaid, tartan, and check? Check out this link.


Fanny Packs

We all love to be hands free, especially with all the fun new activities outside now that it isn’t a frozen tundra. No longer do you have to shy away from the functionality of the fanny pack. After all, these aren’t your mother’s fanny packs from the 90s. These are all high fashion and totally fabulous. Ease into the trend by wearing it over your shoulder, cross-body bag style. If you just really can’t get on board with the trend, try a fun backpack for the same effect. SHOPPING TIP: If looking for a fanny pack online, try using the phrase “belt bag” instead for some additional elevated options.


Mixed Prints

If you want to be bold, turn some heads, and wear something totally unique try mixing prints! Whether you mix two plaids, try floral and stripes, or try another combination, you’re sure to show your fashion prowess with mixed prints! The best way to try the trend is to start with a less buy print and then pair a busier print on top. Try black and white polka dots (another trend this season) and then add a colorful floral for example!

Translatable Trends


As much as we would all like to have the money to drop on an Oscar de la Renta anorak jacket, most people cannot. Don’t fret though, anoraks are everywhere! Not only are they super stylish, they never seem to go out of style. If you want to go bold, try an unexpected color or fabric. If you want just a classic anorak, opt for colors in the khaki family. You can find this style at any price point too, which is always a plus!


Don’t listen to anyone who’s trying to throw shade at you for wearing sneakers. They’re practical, comfortable, and if Louis Vuitton can feature them with almost every look in their runway show, you can most certainly wear them too! I love sneakers with everything from activewear to formal wear. Seriously, why would I wear heels when I can wear glitter sneakers?


This season’s runway shows featured TONS of asymmetrical looks. It’s always a great, classic trend that can make elevate the most basic fabric into a total knockout look! If you’re wearing separates, I would personally recommend balancing your look by wearing a basic shape with it. For example, if you have an asymmetric top, try a simple pair of denim or cigarette pants on bottom. If you have an asymmetric bottom, let it speak for itself and try something basic on top. By all means though, if you want to go all out, do it!


As always, figure out ways to make trends your own; there’s no need to replace your entire wardrobe every season. Pick a few trends you know will work best for your lifestyle and body type and incorporate them into what you already own.

Now bring on the warmer weather!

Surviving Winter – The Best Winter Boots For Cold Weather

Surviving Winter

The Best Winter Boots for Cold Weather

Oh winter, you necessary evil. Even as a cooler weather fan, I have a tough time getting on board with the weather when it drops below 20. The past few weeks have just been bitter and miserable, even here in typically moderate St. Louis. I took my dog, Harper, for a walk the other morning and it was 0 degrees out. ZERO. Even with two pairs of pants and an excessive amount of winter accessories, I came home with frost on my eyelashes.

Dressing for harsh weather conditions is by no means a science. Sometimes you just pile on anything and everything to keep the chill out. Other times you want to put some thought into it and really make the effort to look cute. Whether you try one of these boot styles or have your own favorite, half of the battle in looking stylish is all in making a look your own. Wear it with confidence and you will always end up on the best dressed list.

Winter Doesn’t Mean You Have to Sacrifice Style.

Shoes in general can make or break any outfit, but in the winter it’s crucial for shoes to keep you warm and dry too. Boots are the best way to do this. 

So when it’s too cold to function outside, how in the world are you supposed to dress with even a modicum of style? Sure, we could all band together and decide fashion doesn’t matter…nope, that won’t work. Fashion matters no matter the temperature. Here are some of my tips for winterizing your shoe closet that will keep you warm and stylish all winter long.

Thanks to the continued popularity of street style, it’s perfectly acceptable to wear boots traditionally seen as “outdoor shoes” all day. There are some of my favorite styles that are sure to impress anyone. You can shop using the links below (P.S. smoorelovin makes a small commission for purchases made through these links.)

The Comfiest Option

Ugg boots have gotten a bad rep since their original surge in popularity, but some sort of fur or shearling lined boot is going to be your best bet at keeping warm. Wear a classic style proudly, or opt for one of their updated shapes to show your uncompromising style.



Boots for Wet Weather

If there’s really any chance of puddles, snow, or rain, I go for my Hunter rainboots (or any rainboots if you’re not as label obsessed as me!). Since rainboots are nice and roomy, you’ll have no problem tucking pants into them. The trick with rubber boots is to make sure you have good, insulating socks because that rubber gets COLD!

Best Boots for Snow

Not a fan of the shape of rainboots? Worried about snow or slush getting inside your boot? Go for an old classic with a pair of duck boots. These have seen a major resurgence in popularity, so whether you want the tried-and-true LL Bean or an updated style like these Sperry’s, you’ll hit the mark with both fashion and function!



Boots for Wet Weather

Frye boots, why must you be so expensive? Okay, I know why, cool colors, great quality, and new styles all the time. Frye may be absurdly expensive, but they are certainly worth every penny. If you’re wearing them with any regularly too, they are good investment! I got the Samantha Hiker boots in white at the beginning of the winter and have been obsessed with them since. And like any good pair of leather shoes, they just get more and more comfortable with each wear.

Stay warm!